About us

Longlands is a 300 commercial working farm with 150 cattle and 600 sheep. 

Our primary aim is to re-engage young people in learning, helping them to build confidence and self esteem through vocational training and meaningful work.

Through real hands-on work, young people achieve qualifications in areas such as: animal husbandry, equine skills, tractor driving, building maintenance and wildlife and conservation.  Simultaneously, through supporting each other and team work young people gain valuable social skills

By offering space and freedom and the expectation to engage in real work, we empower our learners to take responsibility for their behaviour and to appreciate what is acceptable. 

The work at Longlands is rich and varied, and offers a wide range of skills to be developed. We encourage hard work and independent thinking. Young people  take pride in their achievements and invariably go on to develop wider skills andinterests.

Our tutor to learner ratio is high and one to one support is available; this ensures that every learner is able to access an educational programme that is individually tailored to suit them. We aim to give our students a firm footing with qualifications and skills that will support them in their development into responsible adults. 

Our programmes can be tailored to accommodate attendance from 1-5 days per week and admission is possible at any point during the academic year. For students not currently attending school or needing extra support, we can provide onsite tutoring in order to give students maths and English qualifications.

Our team also have skills and training to provide mental health support for young people who may need it.