Gareth's Story

I don’t like big crowds.   I don’t like loud noises, loud noises at school used to really annoy me.  I did have a temper.

I’m more of a hands-on person.  I like driving machinery. Being in an open environment, doing things, keeping my mind set on one thing.  I’m always busy here, constantly doing things, helping, kept me occupied and busy.  My medication’s helped a lot.  And I’ve started boxing.  Playing rugby.  Driving – working with equipment. Keeping myself busy.

Julia has helped me a lot.  Loads of ways.

I’m now at Evesham college doing maths, English, plumbing, sometimes some practical work. I’m getting interested in tractor mechanics.

I find Longlands is kind of a stress reliever.  Come out to be in an environment with mates, kind of things I like doing.  Really is a stress reliever.  It means that I’m relaxed ready for College.  Gets me through the week.